Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Small World...

I am just home from the New York State Family History Conference, and I did meet or renew acquaintances with a lot of people from the area or who I have crossed paths with in the genealogical field.  It was a great networking event! 

However, there were a few instances where I just scratched my head and thought, "small world".  I met a family with my mother's maiden name, and they lived in Rochester at a point, so surely we are distant cousins, possibly going back to Germany.  I have to check my notes and get back to them!  I met a woman who had an aunt who lived on my street, and the funny thing is that my street is a dead end in a village that is one square mile, and there are only about 20 houses on the street.  As we are having our annual street party this weekend, I will ask if anyone remembers her!  Then I met a very kind woman who diligently tracked down someone who could help me with some Swiss research.  She used to live in this area, went to the church I was baptized in, had sisters who went to the college I went to, and her aunt lived on the street that was around the corner from a house my aunt used to live in. 

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