Saturday, February 7, 2015

The 150th Anniversary of William A. Harding's Death

One hundred and fifty years ago today, William A. Harding, my 4x-great-uncle, was killed in the Civil War, at the Battle of Hatcher's Run in Virginia.  He was a Union soldier, 23 years old, and had no wife or children.  But he did leave a legacy of sorts.  During the war, he wrote letters to his oldest brother, Palmer Harding, who was my 3x-great-grandfather.  We still have those letters; I was given some of them as a graduation gift from my cousin, and my grandma had others.  These letters, and the family history that was likely written by Palmer, are what started my interest in genealogy as a child.  I am annotating the letters which I have transcribed, and I plan on publishing them.  Thank you William, not only for your service to our country for a righteous cause, but for making my ancestors "human" rather than just statistics.  Thank you for telling part of their story.

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