Saturday, February 1, 2014

My handwriting is bad, but...

While in Salt Lake City a few weeks ago, I did some research into my husband's family.  I was able to solve a couple mysteries.  His cousin had put together a wonderful family tree, and I found the answers to two remaining questions.  But, of course, came home with another mystery!  I believe this excerpt holds the key, but we cannot decipher it.

This is from a parish register in Loikum, Germany in the 1850's.  Normally the godparents names are in this slot.  Because of other information, I believe the mother and possibly the baby died at birth.

The third and fourth lines are "kind ist bald darauf ganz" which means "child is soon quite". 

If anyone has ideas, please let me know!


  1. I feel your pain. I've stared at documents until my eyes were crossed trying to make out a name or date. Often the entries on either side of mine are perfectly legible, making it all the more frustrating! I hope someone that reads this post can help you out.

    I found your blog through GeneaBloggers and I wish you luck with your research and your site. It's a big undertaking but we all have something to add to this little community or writers and researchers and we welcome new comers with open arms!

  2. Thank you Sarah! Even my in-laws in Germany were not able to decipher the note. But I will keep at it!