Sunday, October 20, 2013

Keen Tied

Keen Tied means No Time in Plattdeutsch, a dialect spoken in Northern Germany.  It is, appropriately, the name of our boat which we never got out of storage this summer.  It is also the name of my Etsy shop where I have been showcasing hand-knit, hand-spun and hand-felted art scarves that I design on the fly, so I can work on them while watching TV.  This started when I was working in a cubicle farm and had way too much yarn and no time to knit sweaters.

Now that I have established Family Sherlock, I am considering ways to combine the two businesses.  This winter I will be in several craft shows in the Rochester, New York area. Some of the genealogy-related items I will be selling are art scarves based on my heritage and places I love, Aunt Eenie dolls, which are clothespin dolls my great-aunt designed, and maybe a magnifying glass scarf or two.  And a growing "litter" of knit cats, since I am a crazy-cat-lady-in-training as well as a professional genealogist.

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